Membership Benefits

The benefits of membership include the opportunity to:

  • Meet socially and draw support from other Catholic laymen with similar values.
  • Become part of a close yet international community that offers lifelong support and friendship to members and their families.
  • Mix socially with other like minded Catholic laymen.
  • Enjoy interesting and varied social events for members and their families.
  • Provide collective support for the Church and clergy.
  • Receive spiritual and practical support in times of difficulty or need.

The deep and lasting friendships, built on the solid foundation of shared faith and values, ensure a member is never alone whatever difficulties he or a member of his family encounters over the years.

A ready-made supportive circle of friends

These difficulties can arise from major issues like bereavement, redundancy or serious illness; the every day pressures of bringing up children, caring for elderly relatives and those with special needs; and the challenges to one's beliefs in the work place be it in the world of medicine, education or business where corporate employment or trading policies are contrary to justice and respect for human dignity.

The Association also has much to offer converts, immigrants and others who do not have a ready-made network of Catholic friends.

The monthly meeting provides a time for relaxed enjoyment among supporting and faithful friends. If a Brother and his family have to relocate for any reason, the spread of Catenian Circles will often provide a ready-made and supportive Circle of friends.

There are many opportunities in the Catenian year for members and their families to join in the celebration of the Mass: including President's Sunday, Masses for deceased Brothers and the annual Mass for Vocations to the priesthood and religious life arranged by every Circle around the world.

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